Bigelow @ Perryville 12-14 - BearsDenPhotography

Thumb drives of up to 100 sports images (full resolution)  with print rights released. 1 person (siblings ok), 1 school year. $125.00   You must  have all the file numbers by each image sent to me.

Senior photo session, $150.00

Passport photos          $10.00

Wedding prices vary due to type and size of event. Please call

Ted McClenning   (Bear)


Some of my work will be published at Max Preps, so please check them out at  Just look up the state,  sport, and school  you want to see or just look up pro photographer "Ted McClenning" All images are for sale there and only the sharp and clear images make the cut. I do not set prices at MaxPreps but do receive payments from them. All sales are very much appreciated and keeps images coming to these sites. 

Nikon Pro Member -  Maxpreps media  event pro photographer

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